Were pokemon fans chat and other stuff.
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 The Rules

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Join date : 2010-07-19
Age : 23
Location : Canada

PostSubject: The Rules   Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:14 am

Yes we have rules (apranetly) and make sure to check here because we will update them and stuff

Rule 1. Spam
Spam is Stupid. Pointless. Annyoing. Messages. just don't do it to warnings then 5 added to your ban bar each time.

Rule 2. Advertisments
Don't advertise unless in the right area (signatures and if we ever get around to it an area) are fine just not accessive

Rule 3.Racist and Sexiest Homophobic behavior
Never tolerated here adds 50 to your ban bar then ban a second time everyone is equal and has the same rights

Rule 4. Bashing,Trashing or Bullying
This won't be tolerated either. We want a family friendly area for everyone to enjoy. If anyone is picking on you tell a mod or admin and we will deal with what we think is fair.

Rule 5. Swearing
As I said this is family friendly area words like Crap and Hell are ok just don't over use them or you ban meater will go up by 7 each time. also no F**k or A$$ just no.

Rule 6. Links
Please no links in the chat box enless you get specail permission from a Admin
your ban meter will go up by 5 each time

Rule 7. Impostering
Yes it happens if we find an imposter we change you name to hytj88**(the stars will be replaced with something random only 2)
Second time its a ban

Rule 8. Double Accounts
NO DOUBLE ACCOUNTS! It encourages spam and discredits our banning powers. If you create another account, your ban meter will go up for 10 each time and your other account is banned!

Bans last 1 week then 2 then a month then 2 then 5 then year then permanant

If I missed anything fell free to point it out or admins edit it


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The Rules
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