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 The Magic Chronicles

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PostSubject: The Magic Chronicles   Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:31 pm

This is my story (series) should i continue
ask me if u want to be in my story
It was a crisp, dark night, the white moon was shining brightly, and the forest was strangely calm. Until a figure started racing through it.
The figure had pinkish fur, with a night blue blade was coming out of its head.
The figure was running as fast as it could on four legs, it’s fur flying in the wind, but it was limping, one of its legs was horribly swollen.
I’m more than a marathon’s leap from the city, thought the creature, so why are they still following me?
After several more minutes of running, the creature stopped running and arrived in a clearing.
I can’t hear them anymore, she thought, might as well take a break.
The creature limped over to a tree, and crouched down for a well needed nap. Overhead, a few clouds were noticeable over the horizon.
The creature could now hear the peculiar sounds of the forest: Starly chirping, Weedle hissing, and the Ursaring fighting.
Just when the creature was about to relax, everything went silent.
What happened? Thought the creature. It was like everything is being, threatened, scared, intimidated. Intimidate!
Suddenly, four black furred monsters appeared from the bushes, and quickly surrounded the creature.
“There’s no escape now Rose!” The biggest one declared.
“Drake!” replied Rose, “why don’t you just take your Mightyena, and go crawling back to your master, before I make you!”
“Oh please, we both know you’re in no condition to fight! Mightyena! Shadow Ball!”
The other three Mightyena fired their Shadow Balls at Rose, but she easily dodged them.
“I may be injured” She said, “But I’m still greatly stronger then you al-“
“Crush Claw!” Interrupted Drake.
The attack made contact, and Rose was hurdled back and hit against the tree. There was a sickening crack.
“You should pose no threat now” said Drake. Closing in for the final blow.
“Drake,” said one of the other Mightyena,”Shouldn’t we go get the boss?”
“Great idea!” responded Drake, “He would love to see this!”
And at that, the Mightyena charged off, in search of their boss.
Rose looked up at the sky, Oh what have I gotten myself into? She thought. The sky was now filled with black clouds, and they greatly threatened rain. Well, this will probably be the last time I’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful wildlife. Might as well relax. Rose closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep.
After a few minutes of relaxing, Rose could feel the gentle pitter patter of rain. It made her feel even more relaxed. Her mind at ease. She thought she heard rumbling in the distance, oh it’s probably just thunder, she thought.
After about half an hour, the rain started to fall harder, and the rumbling noise, louder.
That’s strange, thought Rose, there’s thunder, but no lightning.
About five minutes later, the rain was coming down like hail, Rose’s fur was soaking, and the loud, growing, rumbling noise wasn’t helping.
Just when Rose thought she couldn’t take anymore of the noise, it stopped. Rose opened her eyes. What happened? She thought. She thought she heard heavy breathing behind her; it was probably just a Bellosum, wanting to test out a new song, which were terrible, by the way.
“Sorry” said Rose, as she was turning around, “But I’m in no mood to hear a so-“
And there, right in front Rose, was the Mightyenas’ boss.

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The Magic Chronicles
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